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The KALEIDICA Light Instrument


"[Kaleidica] software inspires us not only to learn more about the transformative dimensions of sacred geometry but also to express, integrate, and reflect on our own creative energy and its relationship to the Divine."
Yoga Journal - Editor's Choice

"[Kaleidica] software allows you to duplicate or modify the age-old traditional (yantra) designs or to create your very own unique meditation patterns. The only limit is that of you imagination. I can recommend this innovative application to Yoga practitioners wanting to explore yantras and to artists of all ages. "
Georg Feuerstein PhD. ~ Author of "The Yoga Tradition"

"Wow! [Kaleidica] is just too fun... It's very easy to use and offers lots of creative options, including the use of your own images. It's a nicely packaged, well-documented program - very professional and very fun." "
Bailey Cunningham, Director of the Mandala Project

Miscellaneous User Comments:

"Great Software"     Massimo

"Wonderful program! I use it for hours! Very prompt shipping."

"[Kaleidica was] accurately described, well packaged, fast shipment, thanks!"

"Arrived fast,,had so much fun the first day after install,good software."
PT Gumby

"Great item. super fast shipping."
Calm Meyers

"Highest regards to the [developer], Quick ship, Verrry nice package, awesome"

"Awesome Software. Extremely Fast Shipping. Having Fun with It! Thanks!"
Dave Maya

"Perfect transaction, fast mailing, item as described - thanks!"
Els Pethmj

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