The image below is a full resolution version of the Kaleidica Ligh Instrument's user interface.
Here are some of its new features:

  • Allows for unlimited Studios - new studios can be downloaded from kaleidica.com without having to purchase a new version of the core software.
  • New light-show controls allow users to choose and save specific light-show settings so that studios and brushes can be switched during a performance - bypassing the user interface - thus enabling a seamless light-show performance.
  • Full documentation and tutorials are available by clicking on the "?" button and then clicking on any feature on the interface to see the documentation of the feature.
  • Kaleidica v.2 now has a minimize button so that users can copy art to the clipboard (Ctl-C), minimize Kaleidica, go into another program like Adobe Photoshop, manipulate the image inside Photoshop, and then return to Kaleidica.
  • By clicking on the space bar the entire interface disappears so that users can create art using the entire screen as a canvas.

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