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August 12, 2005
The confessions are over. We are shipping the hybrid version (both Mac OSX and Windows XP). Both Standard Edition and Professional Editions are available.

I look at my previous posts and I just have to laugh. I thought I was so much closer than I in fact was (to completing that is). I really need to apologize to those folks who participated in the Pre-Release package and had to wait so long. Everyone was really quite understanding and I thank them for not hounding me too much. I hope the wait was worth it. From now on, I'll try my best to communicate with everyone via this blog and answer questions when they come up.

For those who are still waiting.... ALL PRE-RELEASE ORDERS OF KALEIDICA v.2 HAVE BEEN SENT VIA PRIORITY MAIL (USPS). If you live outside the USA your version of v.2 has been sent first class air. Today I shipped to Austria, Austrialia, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and the UK (and several locations within the USA). I also sent a package out to a US serviceman at an undisclosed APO address. It could be Iraq or Afganistan. [We're all such peaceful people really... why can't we end the disease of war??]

My son Jasper is working on creating a forum so users of the Kaleidica can share experiences and help each other, etc.

The registration process isn't up yet... obviously. That is another short-term goal. When that's in place we can start offering additional image libraries and... new studios. V.2 has room for 108 different studios and many are all ready on the drawing boards. They will be downloadable from the site to registered users.

I decided to only support OSX an XP because Kaleidica is rather CPU intensive and the only way to get it running right is to have a fairly new system. That means OSX or XP. I installed the Mac version on an eMac with only 256 Meg of memory and it ran. Fairly well too. But I'm suggesting a minimum of 512 MB of RAM. The processor should be at least 1.2 GHz too. Generally speaking, the bus, video card, RAM and processor speed all play an important part in how fast images from imageLib can be mathematically manipulated and blit to the screen.

Pax.... CH

OK. Time to confess. I've decided to start shipping the Windows XP Version. It ran all day at the Point Arena Tech Show and only crashed once (unexplained). That's about 7 hours of up time. I guess it's getting stable. And that was on a virgin and foreign machine. No install glitches and hours of projected light show.... I'm stoked.

More truth. I've got about 3hours of documentation cleanup on the .pdf file (that ships with Kaleidica) and I want that to be there for folks who just plain like to print out the documentation (Kaleidica supports complete instant documentation. Just click on the "?" and then click on the item you want to know about... a help window will appear). About 2 hours of work on the production side and we'll be off to the printers. I'll be able to ship 100 by the end of the week.

More soon....

Ok... I know. It's been awhile. Not to dispair. I've been very busy... and under the hood finishing The Kaleidica - Light Performance Instrument. The good news is that it's almost here. I'm putting the final touches on the documentation. Several betas are out there and final bugs are being fixed. There is one outstanding problem on the Mac OSX side (more on that later) but the bottom line is that we are looking very good for a soft release in the next 7 days.

Be aware that Kaleidica will release in two different versions. The Standard Version will do almost everything. Everything that is except write out sequentially numbered files for making professional quicktime, DVD, AVI and other format movies. That's a job for the Kaleidica Professional Version.

The Standard Version will sell for $49.95 and the Professional version for $199.95. That's the deal. I'm trying to make this real fair. I want people to get into Kaleidica for cheap... that's the Standard Edition. But if your going to make professional movies with this tool, hey! give it up for the full Professional Version.

There's all sorts of other goodies in Kaleidica that I'd like to elaborate on. Like the animated brushes, the new "feathering" techniques for multiple animated brushes, rythmic undoing, and much more. But I've got to get back to work.

Oh.. and that problem with the Mac OSX. Well it has to do with the spinning beach ball. It seems the good folks at Macromedia... the boys and girls that made Director (the language of KALEIDICA) forgot to disable the busy cursor when draws happen. I'm working on it but with Adobe buying out Macromedia getting anything to happen there is like pushing a noodle. So I'm going to release Kaleidica v.2 with that little issue hanging. It doesn't effect playback or recording to sequentially numbered files (Professional Version). But it is an annoyance to Mac users. As soon as possible I'll make the correction patch available at

Meanwhile, the pre-release offer is still going on. If you want v.2 and want v.1 NOW I'll send them both to you for the price of one. Version 1.0 will ship to you immediately and Version 2.0 will ship as soon as it is out. I'll pay for the second shipping!! I hope you think that's a good deal. It won't last much longer as Version 1.0 will be retired as soon as Version 2.0 ships. And that's happenning this week!!

Symmetrically Yours, Chuck Henderson, fishrock studios

This is the very first announcement of Version 2 ~ Yantram Sacred Art Studios. Its been in the works for over four years and I am very proud be at last giving the Yantram community a preview of this work, Yantram 2 is a completely new product with many new features including animation recording with instant playback, lightshow performance capability, animated brushes, real-time control of rotation, blend, skew and size, full-screen animation, and many, many other wonderful improvements that make Yantram 2 a splended symmetrical art tool! Look around the periphery of this page to see a growing number of display images that can only be made with Yantram 2.

I am accepting pre-release orders for Yantram 2 under the proviso that we are nearing completion and it will be released around the end of January 2005. That said, there are no promices... except that pre-sales will be ABSOLUTLY THE FIRST ORDERS TO BE FILLED. .

Also, for those purchasing a pre-release version I will guarantee the $49.00 USD price (the actual release price of Yantram 2 has not yet been determined). If you are not yet an owner of Yantram v1 I will send along a copy of version 1 free of charge to tide you over till the relase of version 2 ~ just let me know. Thanks for all your kind support... best wishes for a peaceful and loving 2005.

Chuck Henderson
fishrock studios

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