Sri Yantra Example

The Sri Yantra is considered the most venerable of yantras (sacred devices used in meditation practice ~ yoga traditions). This example was created using the Kaleidica Light Instrument in combination with Adobe Photoshop)®. The classic bhopura (square surround) was created using the Mirror Studio and holding down the "x" and "z" keys to limit movement in the horizontal and vertical dimensions respectively. The inner lotus petal design was created with the Circle Studio using a variety of lotus petal images. The Psychedelic effect (Psych brushes) were used to highlight the lotus petals. The inner triangles of the Sri Yantra were made using the Sri Yantra brush in the Circle Studio with the symmetry set to value "1". The final resolution was bumped up to over 2000x2000 pixels using a variety of techniques in Photoshop.

All images copyright © 2004 by C.E. Henderson, All Rights Reserved, Any and all reproduction by permission only.
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