Version 2 for Mac OS X and Windows XP


View the mpeg movies below to get an idea of how your art will look while you are playing the Kaleidica. (Your browser should already have an mpeg player built in... if not then go to the browser home page and download one.) The main difference between these movies and actually playing the Kaleidica is that when you use the Kaleidica the action will fill your entire screen at full resolution. The Standard Edition allows you to make full screen animations and play them back using the Kaleidica scripting format. NOTE: To make QuickTime, AVI, DVD and other fomat recordings (like those below) you will need the Professional Version of Kaleidica.

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2.9 megabytes ~ 14 second duration

Twenty Four fold symmetry using the Kaleido Studio and the Bonfire animated Brush.

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1.7 megabytes ~ 18 second duration

Seven fold symmetry using the Circle Studio and the Whorling Tetrahedron animated Brush.

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1.3 megabytes ~ 14 second duration

Eight-way Mirror Studio animation using one of the Blake More animate brushes (dancerOnBack) that are included with the Standard Version of the Kaleidica.

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2.9 megabytes ~ 31 second duration

This animated sequence is made with an image of a Joshua Tree taken in the Mojave Desert. The Studio is Kaleido set to nine fold symmetry.

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4.7 megabytes ~ 52 second duration


Winged Victory, one of the most famous sculptures of all time was the image used in this animated sequence. Made with the Kaleido Studio, the centroid (center of symmetry) was set to the upper middle just off the screen

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7.6 megabytes ~ 83 second duration

Made with the Mirror Studio and one of Blake More's dancer brushes (dancer with scarf).


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